Install Lights

Install lights

Few things brighten up a home like new lighting. Today, with the energy saving bulbs and new lighting equipment, it pays to upgrade your lighting. We do new home lighting installation and lighting upgrades for existing homes.

New construction lighting installation

With new construction, zoning, permits, and inspectors are part of the installation process. With either outdoor or indoor lighting, having an electrical contractor that knows their way around the permit system is important. You want everything done right when your lighting is inspected. At Cox Electrical Services, you can be assured everything will be done right.

Existing home lighting installation

Indoor lighting

Replacing current indoor lighting with LED or other energy-saving bulbs can reduce your utility costs. if you change to recessed, or canned lights, this will often greatly improve the look of your home and with the new technological choices available now, you will probably save a considerable amount on utilities. this is one home decorating idea that often pays for itself. Let us work with you on lighting design, recessed can lighting, security lighting, under cabinet lighting and wall dimmers.


Outdoor lighting

Adding or replacing outdoor lighting will makes a huge difference in the pleasure you enjoy from your home. We do all types of outdoor lighting upgrades such as deck, patios, balcony and hot tub lighting, and safety lighting with motion detectors. These outdoor lighting installations increase the value of your home and often save you money on utilities.

We will happily install any of your lighting needs.

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